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Just as our wine is an intricate blend, our team is a blend of unique individuals with a passion for creating wines of the highest quality and character.



Jay Turnipseed
It was a bottle of 1953 Chateau Margaux that kick-started Jay’s interest in the wine industry. “I had about two sips and I thought, ‘So THIS is what all the fuss is about.’ Within days, I was figuring out how to get into wine.”

Jay left the San Diego restaurant industry and enrolled in the Viticulture and Enology program at UC Davis in 2000. While in school, he focused on three research projects that included the effects of pruning, thinning and crop load on finished wine sensory characteristics. “These projects were integral in shaping the way I look at how wine is made,” he explains. “I learned early on that what happens in the vineyard affects what happens in the glass.”

After graduation in June 2002, Jay joined Gallo of Sonoma, first as an intern, then as Enologist. He joined Franciscan Estate in May 2004, and is thrilled to have an opportunity to work with MAGNIFICAT, a Bordeaux blend like the wine that changed his life.

“It’s just a wonderful feeling to walk Franciscan Estate’s Oakville vineyard and know that the quality is there to make unparalleled Bordeaux-style wines. I hope one day someone uncorks a bottle of MAGNIFICAT that I had a hand in and says, ‘so THIS is what all the fuss is about...’”

Winemaker Jay Turnipseed
A native of California, Marla Carroll grew up in a small town in the mountains separating the Southern California High Desert and the rich agricultural lands of the Central Valley. It was here she grew up exploring the outdoors, hiking, camping, backpacking, and cultivating an appreciation for the outdoors, and laying the foundation for her deep interest in viticulture and the environmental factors that shape the expression of a vineyard.

With a strong understanding of nature and the science behind winemaking, Marla respects and appreciates the biological intricacies that go into each bottle.  However, it is her passion for food and flavors that shape her approach to crafting wine at Franciscan Estate, paying close attention to the character and expression of each lot to create wines with complexity and nuance.

“I’m inspired by the endless layers of complexity that begin in the vineyard and lead to a bottle of wine.  I love that it changes over time, yet is a snapshot of a particular vintage and harvest conditions.” says Marla.

Marla received a degree in Biotechnology from the University of California at Davis with a concentration in Enology & Fermentation Science. While a few key courses introduced her to the world of wine, it wasn’t until she took a position during harvest at the historic Charles Krug Winery in 2002 in the Napa Valley, that she truly understood her interest in winemaking. In 2004, Marla accepted a position with Franciscan Estate, spending seven years in a series of roles, including Enologist and Assistant Winemaker. After some time off with her family, Marla reunited with the Franciscan Estate team in 2013, where she continues to work closely with director of winemaking Janet Myers.

Marla lives in Crockett, Calif. with her husband and their two daughters. She enjoys hiking, art and design, cooking from her garden, raising chickens, and seeking opportunities to serve in the community.

Winemaker Marla Carroll

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